The Q-Bits Radio Play Podcast

Thank you to the playwrights who submitted work for our first season. We will contact those we’ve chosen by June 1. Auditions for voice actors will be announced soon. If you are interested in submitting work for future seasons please see the submission criteria below.

The Q Collective’s new podcast series Q-Bits is seeking script submissions on an ongoing basis. Q-Bits is a new series of short radio plays exploring, celebrating, and speaking to experiences of gender and sexual minorities.

Submission and Selection Period:

Radio plays for Q-Bits may be submitted via Google form on an ongoing basis. Radio plays submitted by May 1 will be considered for the first season. Submissions made after May 1 will be considered for future seasons. Playwrights selected will be notified no later than June 1 for season 1 inclusion. Submissions will also be considered for future seasons. Please see below for submission guidelines.


Selected playwrights will receive a $50 stipend for their work. The producer or director may contact the playwright for purposes of clarification, publicity, and other artistic, technical or broadcast marketing and promotion needs.

Broadcast Dates:

Broadcast of Q-Bits season 1 will begin July 1 on Patreon.

Playwrights will be invited to watch the recording of their play via Zoom. Additionally, playwrights are invited to the one Zoom rehearsal of their play and are invited to provide feedback to the director after the rehearsal. Playwrights are encouraged to share any interviews and/or publicity materials via their social channels.


  • Scripts must fall under the Q Collective mission of exploring gender, sexuality, and romantic orientation.
    • “A fundamental foundational principle of The Q Collective is to be open and welcoming to all gender identities, races, ethnicities, sexualities, ages, abilities, etc. Our work reflects these values and we encourage writers to embrace them.” – Sean Michael, Artistic Director of the Q Collective
  • Scripts shall be submitted in PDF format. Submitted scripts should bear only the title of the play. They shall not include a synopsis, author’s note, nor the name, address or other author-identifying information.
  • Scripts must be typewritten using a serif font. Scripts not typed in a serif font may be rejected.
  • Scripts must not exceed twenty minutes in length. We will not accept plays with longer run times. Please time your plays prior to submission. Fourteen to twenty pages of dialogue with minimal direction and stage notes are approximately twenty minutes, though this is not an exact science.
  • Due to the limitations of recording space scripts should require no more than four actors.
  • Radio plays should, where possible, indicate necessary sound effects.
  • Playwrights may submit multiple works.
  • Previously produced but unpublished works and well-developed works in progress are welcome; plays previously produced by The Q Collective are eligible.

To submit a play, please fill out this form and upload your blind copy here:

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