Intimacy Choreography: A Hands-On Workshop

Directing Workshop - $15
After the successful panel discussion Intimacy, Sexuality, and Consent On Stage, the Q Collective continues its Intimacy series with a directing workshop that will give guidance on choreographing intimate scenes.
The evening will consist of intimacy warm-ups, a short scene followed by a discussion on the creation of the choreography, and then a question-and-answer about strategies for choreographing scenes.
In this workshop participants will be asked to participate to their level of comfort. We will focus on touch, the absence of touch, as well as creating chemistry with your scene partners through communication, and physical exercises. Although the focus of this event will not be on sexual intimacy, our volunteer staff will provide a few pre-rehearsed examples.
Participants are invited to bring intimate scenes along where strategies for choreographing can be discussed.

The evening will be led by Tress Kurzym, Artistic Director of StagePlay Learning, Theatre Education Coordinator at Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville. Tress says:

As an educator, I recognized that my students needed training on how to safely create intimate moments on stage. I developed a series of exercises that I adapted from other workshops and activities that were appropriate for my students. And, I began to take away the pressure of them creating the intimate scenes and staged the work along with them—adjusting to the demands of the show and the consent and ability of my actors. As colleagues began to hear about the exercises and see my work, I was asked to stage or choreograph more intimate work.  I realized that no one was being trained. In an effort to help educate and promote safe theatre practices, I began to teach intimacy workshops.

Intimacy Choreography: A Hands-On Workshop will take place at The Monocle, 4510 Manchester Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110. Tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite.
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