The Coming Out Play Festival 2018

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We all come out, in way or another. Eights plays explore the coming out experience.

October 19 and 20
The Monocle

“…it nicely underlines a universality in the process of all kinds of self-disclosure.”
Andrea Torrence, St. Louis Theatre Snob


See how that friendship changes over twenty-three years. It’s WEIRD?

by Nicholas Vasilios Pappas
directed by Sarah Lynne Holt

Becca – Amanda Brasher
Eric – Luke Steffen
Gal – Isabel Garcia
Guy – Marshall Jennings


Two friends, Rose and Max, meet for coffee after long years of silence between them. Though both have changed, they feel drawn to each other over coffee and conversation.

by Lisa Meyers
directed by Shualee Cook

Max – Elon Ptah
Rose – Eleanor Humphrey


Molly doesn’t think that her mother, Leanna, will understand the reason that she called off her wedding, but when the truth comes out, both women learn that history repeats itself.

by Elizabeth Breed Penny
directed by Carl Overly, Jr.

Molly – Amanda Brasher
Jade – Rachel Hanks
Leanna – Helen Pancella


With college just around the corner, Tony and Gabe watch their neighborhood Fourth of July fireworks one last time before parting ways, but a recent incident threatens to change their friendship forever.

by Michael Pisaturo
directed by Sean Michael

Tony – Maxwell Gass
Gabe – David Zimmerman


Two teenage girls meet on a park bench and discover they have a number of things in common, including superpowers.

by Scott Mullen
directed by Sarah Lynne Holt

Quinn – Eleanor Humphrey
Wendy – Isabel Garcia


Two teenagers, bent on being treated as grown-ups, get a surprise that makes them second-guess adulthood.

by J. Joseph Cox
directed by Sean Michael

Steve Carew – Maxwell Gass
Kari – Stasia Kroeger
Mr. Carew – Donald Miller


Two months prior, Richard’s attempt to come out during his mother’s annual Christmas Eve dinner party and no longer present Darryl as his best friend goes horribly wrong. Richard is faced with losing his family or losing Darryl.

by Vincent Terrell Durham
directed by Carl Overly, Jr.

Darryl – William Humphrey
Richard – Marshall Jennings


An elderly woman spends the night with a charming stranger and wrestles with the heartbreaking decision she must make about her husband.

by Adam Szudrich
directed by Shualee Cook

Ester – Dorothy LaBounty

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