We want to send a big thank you to everyone who attended last night’s panel discussion on Intimacy, Sexuality, and Consent On Stage! This first step in the conversation was enlightening for us here at the Q and I hope for everyone who was there.

HUUUUUUUGE thank you to Laura and The Monocle for hosting us last night. Thanks to Kristin Goodman for amazing tunes throughout evening!

Thank you also to our panelists: Sarah Lynne Holt, Marsha Holland, Cecily Ann King, Erik Kuhn, and Tress Kurzym. AND another big thank you to Ed Reggi for moderating this important discussion.

Last night was an important step towards tackling this issue but it cannot be our only step. Keep your eyes out for a survey about what else we can do to continue highlighting issues around intimacy, sexuality, and consent on stage.

Some parting thoughts from moderator Ed Reggi:

What an incredible community discussion last night at The Monocle.

A lot of great information was shared last night. I am including in this comment some of the websites and organizations mentioned by audience and panel members.
Intimacy Directors International…/924101_2e8c624bcf394166bc0443c1…
The Pillars – From IDI
Chicago’s – Not In Our House…/Chicago-Theatre-Standards-1…
Not In Our House Dec 2017 Standards
Not In Our House – Sample agreements
Behavioral Health Response (BHR) – 24 Crisis Hotline and Resources who often partner with Non-Profit organizations located in metro east.
CHADS Coalition for Mental Health – who often partner with nonprofits / community around mental health & suicide.
Canadian Intimacy for Stage and Screen
Upcoming Intimacy workshop in NYC Feb 24, 2019…/…/23/intimate-exchanges/
American Theatre Magazine article on Intimacy Exchanges.

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